Monday, May 16, 2011

My thoughts on Baby Girl Bows

Having a little girl has been absolutely wonderful! All the cute things you can dress them in, I love it! The one thing is I have found – that is quite frustrating sometimes -- is that I haven’t been able to find very many baby bows that I love, love. I want to be able to have unique baby bows. I do not want to have to have the huge flower bows as my only option for her to wear – though I do love those also, they are absolutely adorable and are fun on occasion! To solve my dilemma I have started to make my own baby bows. These include fabric flowers, ribbon flowers, and yes even a few big flowers decorated to my own taste.  I love it! It makes matching an outfit amazingly easy, and I can do whatever I would like to, to each headpiece. I love letting my creativity flow and going crazy with gems, buttons, glitter, ribbon, fabrics of all kinds.  Large sizes, small sizes, and the in between sizes too! Oh and the trying them on the little miss is so exciting! Being able to put something I have made on her head, and having it work just perfectly is great! I love knowing that she’ll be the only one to have that one on her head when I go out. I love having people ask where I have gotten the head piece, and being able to say, “well actually, I made it myself!” This new love for creating baby bows and head pieces has given me a new hobby and a new gift I can give to others!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Our very first giveaway!

3" long 2 3/4" tall

With this type of clip on the back, perfect for hair or headbands!

Little miss was asleep so no waking her up to model this one! 
Though I will add a picture as soon as she's up! I'm just too excited and have to post this now!

So to enter this giveaway there are a few steps:

(tell us about each of these things in separate comments, also leave us your email address in each comment so we can contact you if you've won! )

1. Follow the TabbyBows blog

*just for extra entries* 
2. Follow us on Twitter @TabbyBows
3.Tweet about the giveaway using hashtag #tabbybowsgiveaway
4. Promise that you'll check out our Etsy Shop once it's up and running (which will hopefully be by the end of this next week!)

The winner will be chosen May 31st! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look For Us

Hey Everyone!!

So it's official, I have registered for an Etsy Shop! I also have my very own email address for this shop! I am currently in the process of perfecting some of the first things I'll be selling! I also am in search of patterns to make more things! I'll be starting with hair bows for little girls! If you want to host a giveaway for my site on your blog, I'll be more than happy to send you a bow to try and give one away to one of your readers! Of course this will happen once I get my shop up and running! Also continue to check out this blog for pictures of upcoming things to be sold on my shop!